3 Effortless Tricks to Being a Better Person

1. Look the homeless person in the eye.

If you’re in a city or a place with streets and traffic lights, there are bound to be a few homeless people. Some are even familiar faces that you see every single freaking day. And it’s easy to coincidentally avert your eyes when passing them by; it’s very easy to not read the signs they write every single day to get your attention.

Well tomorrow, look them in the eye. This is obviously not going to bring value to them, but more yourself. By looking them in the eye ,you will look yourself in the eye and see exactly how much better your life is, and how little you can do for them (or how much you CAN do for them). This discomfort may prompt action on your part, or it may not. Your choice.

2. Stop and listen when someone’s talking to you.

We’ve got phones, books, computers, and reflections to distract us all day. So when someone comes up to you–whether it be a friend, a boss, a random author who’s trying to sell his book, or someone on the subway–stop what you’re doing for a sec and listen.

STOP means close your book, take off your headphones completely and turn off the music, CLOSE your laptop (YEAH, CLOSE it. It’s hard because then you have to turn it on later but this action makes huge differences) and maybe even take notes.

Listening more = opening your perceptions up to a whole host of details you never paid attention to before. Listening more also = stronger, more respectful relationship.

3. Don’t look in the mirror in the morning or at work.

This is something I used to do a lot–I’d avoid my puffy reflection in the morning and my huge pores and go to work. And I found that not knowing what I looked like that morning helped me focus a lot more on being…smarter, funnier, nicer, more intuitive. I don’t know if this works for everyone, honestly, but just try it. Instead of zooming in on that pimple and letting it ruin your entire day, think about how you can make your company convert more sales, engage more users, etc.

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Fore more tips on being a better person, check out Thought Catalog’s list, and Frisky’s.

|3 Tricks to Being a Better Person|

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