forgot that we’re in a bubble

When getting consumed in the world of “I want to succeed/ build something valuable/ disrupt shit/ make lots of money” it’s so so so easy to forget things like

1. racial and gender inequality- once you start thinking of people in terms of their competency, their “hustle”, their ability to think creatively, a few important considerations get lost in the ruckus. Like..income. How color of skin affects…EVERYTHING. How sex and gender impact people’s motivations and focus…and these problems/states of the world become IRRELEVANT. None of your beeswax. Someone else’s problem. Outside the bubble. 

2. there are so many painful horrible things that happen in other countries and at this rate, YOU/ME will have absolutely no impact on how they play out. The most we can do is scan a few buzzfeed articles and photo albums of “bad things happening” and feel guilty for 10 minutes. Our career decisions (“Mom, goldman or this startup??”), promotions, Facebook statuses…mean nothing! I don’t mean to go all “save the babies in Africa” here, but what right do we have to be so self-centered when people. Young people. Old wrinkly people. Unborn people. are CONSUMED with base level problems like starvation. Institutionalized rape. Child marriages. UGH.

3. We’re going to grow up to be snotty Republicans. I can just feel it.

Night time/morning meanderings that have no resolution 😦






2 thoughts on “forgot that we’re in a bubble

  1. ❤ you.

    to ever really attack those huge problems, it's going to take a whole bunch of people to give up some of their privilege. even though i theoretically care about those problems a lot, i haven't been willing to give up my privilege (a well-paying job, the respect that i have an easier time getting because i'm asian instead of black, etc.) to participate in work that is politically and systematically disruptive. there are people doing that work though, and we should be trying to learn as much as we can from them 🙂

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