Hedge your own worth

It’s hard for a self disrespecting person to start respecting themselves. If you think about it completely strategically, it doesn’t make that much sense to put a whole lot of value on your own worth if there isn’t proof – historical and projected- that you’re actually valuable.

I’m going to use a very one-dimensional example to illustrate- say no one has ever fallen head over heels in love with you before – infatuation/love being one of the largest measures of human worth that I can think of – , so how can you confidently assign worth to yourself and be like “Yo I’m awesome and lovable.”?

It may be a huge leap of faith for someone to start believing that they are attractive, smart, charming, etc. This explains why, when people don’t want to take that treacherous leap of faith, they seek out temporary proof from external sources. Obvious examples of that are one night stands, I guess.

Stripping the self-respect process down to its true form is super helpful, though. For me, this hypothesis indicates that in order to reach point X: self respect, person has to take step 1. large leap of faith. All other pathways are fake ^_^



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